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Loyalty Discount Program

CakehutTM  is happy to reward their loyal customers. Loyalty discount will be given to the orders placed based on your previous order total.

  • To avail loyalty discount you have to be a registered user with
  • CakehutTM reserve all rights to revise the loyalty discount given at anypoint of time
  • Current loyalty discounts percentage is as metioned below
Loyalty Program
Total Previous order Values Discount %
Rs 1500 and above  1%
Rs 2000 and above  2%
Rs 3000 and above  3%
Rs 4000 and above  4%
Rs 5000 and above  5%
Rs 7000 and above  6%
Rs 9000 and above  7%
Rs 10000 and above  8%
Rs 12000 and above  10%