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         Christmas Gift HamperExotic plum  800 gmCookies 250gmHomemade chocolate 100gmHoney 100gm ..
Rs 1,350.00 Ex Tax:Rs 1,350.00
         Christmas Gift HamperExotic plum  800 gmRich plum. 800 gmSparkling grape juice 750 mlButter cookies 250 gmHoney 100gmHomemade chocolate 100gmTriple choco dream 180gm ..
Rs 2,400.00 Ex Tax:Rs 2,400.00
Christmas Gift Hamper Exotic plum  800 gm Rich plum. 800 gm Sparkling grape juice 750 ml Butter cookies 300 gm Honey 100gm Homemade chocolate 100gmTriple choco dream 180gm..
Rs 3,000.00 Ex Tax:Rs 3,000.00
Vancho Cake ..
Rs 900.00 Ex Tax:Rs 900.00
The black forest with a Cake Hut twist.Chocolate sponge cake layered with the lightest whipped cream and a glorious topping of chocolate flakes and fine red cherries. ..
Rs 650.00 Ex Tax:Rs 650.00
White sponge with a delicious filling of butterscotch. Covered in whipped cream and an excess of praline on the sides. ..
Rs 750.00 Ex Tax:Rs 750.00
Red velvet cake is considered to be the King of cakesRed velvet cake is a cake withbright red  color. It is traditionally prepared as a layer cake topped with cream cheese or cooked roux icing. Common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, cocoa, and flour for the cake, beetroot or red food coloring for the color. ..
Rs 850.00 Ex Tax:Rs 850.00
Almond Chocolate ..
Rs 850.00 Ex Tax:Rs 850.00
On the days you feel low, this one can get your spirits back up again. ..
Rs 800.00 Ex Tax:Rs 800.00
On the days you feel low, this one can get your spirits back up again. Chocolate cake with slick layers of cream and truffle topped of with a placid layer of chocolate truffle. ..
Rs 800.00 Ex Tax:Rs 800.00
You just can't have enough of the good things in life. So whats stopping you from trying Cake Huts Double Chocolate Cake. Its an excess of everything- White and Dark Chocolate with a gracious topping of chocolate chips. ..
Rs 850.00 Ex Tax:Rs 850.00
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